Ile d'Ogoz

The Lac de Gruyère, or Gruyère Lake is an artificial lake located in the Gruyère area (between Bulle and Fribourg) in Switzerland. The lake is 13.5km long and is the biggest artificial lake of Switzerland.

Two dams are regulating the lake water’s level. During winter and early spring, before the snow melts, the lake is almost emptied from its content.

The Île d’Ogoz (or Ogoz Isle) is an isle of the Gruyère Lake. This isle is a reminiscence of old constructions, built before one of the dam.

On the Isle, there is a chapel and ruins. The particularity of this isle is to be accessible on foot when the waters are low, specially in winter and spring. During other seasons, the isle can be accessed by boat.

Exploring the lake borders

As often when I’m visiting places, I come back at various time of the year. Feel free to visit this page when a new season passes, as there well might be new pictures to discover.

The entire lake is surrounded by a beautiful pedestrian path (over 40km long), where the wanderer might enjoy nice beaches and unique landscapes.