When you can write your biography on the size of a stamp and you still have space left over, then I would like to meet you. -Mooji

I’m a Swiss based human being (unless the green fangs on the back don’t apply to the human category?)

What I do depending on the hours of the day; computer science engineer, mother, cook, taxi driver, housewife, mediator, consultant, bike rider, teacher, translator, psychotherapist. I take pictures, sometimes, too.

The reason of this website is to share the Joy I feel when I’m in Nature, whether it’s on the bike or exploring new places nearby where I live.

If you can feel some of this Joy, than that’s all I had to share! Be welcome!


Tools of the Trade.

Sometimes, I’m asked which gear I’m using. I use to think that it doesn’t matter so much what kind of material one is using, but over the years that opinion has changed slightly.

Indeed there are differences between cameras and lenses, specially nowadays where manufacturers are releasing more and more “niched” cameras. Choosing a camera/lens combo today might sound a bit daunting.

But these differences only matter while shooting; anyone would be hard pressed to figure out which camera took which picture, and in the end, it doesn’t matter so much what gear was used.

My opinion is that we have to find the gear that suits us and master it.