More hiking in the mountains, so far the longest hike I can remember; 18km. That is, since GPS watches/trackers exist. I’m pretty certain I walked for longer distances as a child. As least it seemed like I was walking 50km per hike.

I explored the Sanetsch area. I started at the cable car station, then wandered up to the Prorochet Hut.

It’s quite a lunar landscape as we’re walking on lapies (limestone pavements) soon enough. I enjoy jumping from one stone to another, with the freedom to create my own path. My shoes don’t agree, though.

I was mostly all alone as I took the first cable car on the morning and the hut was already closed, thus losing 99% of its attractiveness for tourists.

Sanestsch lake in the morning
It was already quite warm for the season
Mt Blanc in the background
Still cows wandering.
There are a lot of these tiny lakes
Prarochet hut
Private pool
Sanetsch lake

To this point, my lower back had completely given up (spondylolisthesis). The next morning, all pain was gone. Go figure.

A small movie (no, my video skills don’t improve):