The route leads around the famous Gastlosen, a steep limestone wall well known to climbers.

This path borders the Gastlosen chain, located south of Jaun, at an altitude of between 1’500 and 1’900 m. The Gastlosen tour offers a unique vegetation and geological richness, immersing you in a very particular atmosphere along this sumptuous route.

As my schedule isn’t compatible with several hours of hiking, I did the tour on bike, albeit using a different route than the pedestrian one.

Since over 6 months, I have little to no time to ride; a poor physical condition ensues. I nevertheless embarked on the journey.

I enjoyed finishing the tour as much as I enjoyed the landscapes and solitude.

Gros Mont on the morning. The pastures are still closed.
Near Rougemont or Chateau d’Oex
Any property for sales?

And the video, not that interesting in my opinion and quality is not so good, thanks to me playing too much with the camera settings.