Winter 2023 is so far a “no snow” season in Switzerland. Many ski stations have closed as early as February because there is only grass.

The happy side effect, as far as my little person is concerned, is that I can visit some mountains while being all alone. Some might wonder why I long for loneliness. The rundown is that this country is really, really overcrowded. It’s difficult to figure out what it feels like unless one is living here. But it means that there isn’t a single place where one can be alone undisturbed for longer than 5min.

Here are some pictures of my little adventure. I couldn’t care less about how long the hike was, how easy or difficult, to this point I was just happy to enjoy the sun and calm.

Right next to the cable car, the sea of fog is where I’m living
A better view of where I live. For some reasons, it felt like the fog was clogging all the agitation below, topping the feeling of calmness
Highest point of the day
I hiked as far as the ridge goes. It’s way closer than it seems, about 15min walk and I don’t walk very fast as I’m mostly enjoying the landscape
Fog and more fog