A late afternoon visit to the Grande Cariace, a natural birds reserve. A usually quiet place, unless some idiots bring along 8 shouting kids, which could be heard over 1.5km. They spent 1h hour at least screaming and shouting. I mean, what’s the point to visit such a quiet place, meant for birds and wildlife to be observed and listen to, if for screaming and shouting? Sometimes I wonder in what kind of world we’re going to be living in a couple of decades.

Anyway, here are some pictures I could snatch in between walking sirens. The temptation to kick a couple of them out of the path was strong.

I was aiming for the sunset, timing speaking. And failed, as usual.
One of the observatory.
Same as number 1, but a few minutes later.
The birds, happilly living their birds’ life.

There was a couple of wildlife photographers as well, with lenses from 400 to 600mm. I wish I could have borrowed one.