I’m taking advantage of the few days off while I can. Usually, I ride in the Alps once the cows are no more wandering in the pastures. The reasons being; cows fences, cows, cows’ shits.

Some fences are not bike friendly at all, meaning I have to lift the bike to pass the fence. When the aftermentionned bike weights about 25kg, that’s not possible for my female build.

Other fences (wires) are spreading across the road whithout any possibility to remove it and are not being made visible. Crash ahead.

Cows can roam freely on paved and unpaved roads, as well as on pedestrian trails. I had to cross a herd of suckling cows. The mothers can be very aggressive. They were all spread on the only path. I had to make my way among 15 cows, all of them sniffing and some licking me (probably the salt on my skin). I was so relieved when I finally crossed the herd.

The landscapes were beautiful, though and I enjoyed the nice trails I found.

People know how to take care of their house and make them beautiful. Sadly, the habit is lost nowadays.

And the video: