We had the chance to spend 3 days in Zinal and we had the mountains all for ourselves! I mean, restaurants were empty, cable cars empty, pastures empty (save the cows), etc.

Day 1

On the evening I paid a visit to Sorebois and I completely missed the nice trail under the cable car, thus endure the boring dusty road to ride down. The evening light was a joy to experience.

And the video:

Day 2

Day 2 was a two rides plan. One in the morning and one in the evening. Plus family walk, shopping and the like during the day.

For the first ride, I finally climbed to the Pas de Lona, thanks for the electric bike I’ve been dreaming about since 2018.

Lona lake
Pas de Lona
Basset de Lona
Moiry lake

And the video:

The evening ride was up to the hut Petit Mountet. A painful ride, with a path full of big rocks. If not for the landscape, I wouldn’t have rode up there.

And the video: