One more visit to the Emosson dams. I love the landscape in this area and ride up there only to enjoy the scenery. I usually visit the area in late autumn because the colors are more warm and there are less people.

I started climbing very early (for my liking) in the morning 7:30 a.m (plus add 1h30 drive by car to reach the starting place).

But the light was already harsch and people started flooding when I climbed down.

As I couldn’t remember my name when I woke up at this ungodly hour, I forgot to eat something for breakfast (I usually don’t eat anything unless I excercice in the morning). An unpleasant hypoglycemia caught me during the first climb. Talking about the body, it has been eaten alive by countless bugs.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. Now, I would love to pay a visit in the evening to experience a different light.

8:20 a.m. Already a strong light
8:45 a.m. Emosson dam (lowest)
So few water
Heading to the old dam
Old Emosson dam
I really wanted to take this composition with both dams but this is definitely not the best lightning condition; front light, harsh light. It would be much better in the evening with a back light.
On the way down. The warm tones of the morning are definitely gone. It’s 10:20 a.m.
I seriously considered taking a bath there.

The video of the tour: