This tour wasn’t planned at all. Actually, I had planned a tour in the alps (probably the last one until autumn), but I had planned to go to someplace else. I wasn’t too exited about the initial plan and the Val de Bagnes area stands among my favorite place.

Thus I braced myself for the 4h drive and countless closed roads and about one roadwork per kilometer and no, I do not exaggerate. Over 200km and at least 200 roadworks. That’s what it takes to drive to Mauvoisin from my place.

But it was worth it, definitely. I was all alone, maybe because storms were forcasted.

My vibes rose drastically and I found myself bathing in joy and gratitude for no reason. If I could, I would settle there.

Mauvoisin dam
I met a lot of (fat, very fat actually, reminds me of the cat) groundhogs.
At those altitudes (above 2200m), storms can come quickly
The drone made it to the trip, much to my back dismay
Chanrion hut (cabane Chanrion), don’t get me started about what I think of those hut’s extensions
Chanrion lake
Fenêtre de Durand in the background. Very few snow this year.
On the way back

And the video of the tour.