Pedestrian visit to the Emosson dam. Since the cable car was closed, restaurant was closed, I was expecting few to no people.

I was wrong. There was still a hut opened at the bottom of the old Emosson dam. Since the walk from the new to the old dam (yes, there are two of them, actually it’s more complicated, anyway) is an easy one, it attracts its wagon of tourists.

Buvettes and huts are magnet to people, that is why I usually wait until they are closed to visit the surrounding area.

You might wonder why having so many people around is a problem. Actually, when I go wandering in the mountains is to find some peace. Not to endure barking dogs, crying children, loud music, people shouting and some weirdo.

Anyway, enjoy some autumn landscapes.

Emosson dam (Barrage d’Emosson)
View on the Mt Blanc
Some fishermen as well. During winter, ski touring skiers ride straight on the lake from this place.