So far, weather in Switzerland in 2021 is very simple: rain, grab for a ray of sun, rain, storm, rain, repeat. I had hoped that in July we would encounter some sun. No such luck. You’ll see in the pictures.

Lauterbrunnen, the iconic waterfall, which has been photographed at least a thousand times
There are 72 waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen valley. These are the Trümmelbachfälle.
First evening in Grindwelwald and single ray of sun for the next 36h. Better not miss it.
Someone picked up my camera, not sure who took what
So quite. No dogs, No cars. No people shouting.
The view from the hotel. I could have spent hours just watching the mountains.

Second day

Grindelwald first and the Tissot cliff walk. Sun is optional.
View from the top
I decided to walk up to Bachsee. The fog was kind enough to lift so I wouldn’t miss the incredible scenery.
The penguin just left
Lake with a view
It was raining all day, actually
A pound somewhere
The cliff walk from another view

Rainy days and covid restrictions have their advantages; the mountains were emptied form tourists! We had the cliff walk all by ourselves. As well as the cable cars. No Asian tourists with selfie sticks all over the place, no ninja storming around like they own the place, no one.

Day three

Morning view, snow on the summits. Shall I mention it’s July?
View from The Eiger Express
A cabin for ourselves. No waiting time.
Jungfraujoch. Now don’t ask me the mountains’ names.
We walked to the Mönchsjochhütte
Aletsch Glacier
Above the clouds

After that it was back to a so call normal life among noisy people and traffic jam. And rain.