My favorite moment to visit a place is..Monday morning, as early as possible. Just because there is no one around.

Gruyère lake
The other side

I didn’t dare flying the drone too high, as there is a small airport nearby, even if I was outside the restricted area. Another reason for visiting early in the morning.

Enjoy the funky colors, because I’m going to rant about it soon
Almost empty, happens only once a year
Rant minus a couple of pictures
From above
Morning light

Now on with the rant (I’m female, thus my DNA is already wired for ranting anyway).

Maybe you noticed that some pictures have some funky colors, not realistic. Actually, it’s a sony sensor and as time pass, I’m fighting more and more with colors accuracy and sony’s sensors. The last two pictures were taken with a canon rp. As far as I’m concerned, I much prefer the realistic look of the last one.

I wish Canon manufactured sensors for drone.