Since snow is a bit late, why not visiting the mountains again on bike? As it’s been several days that I’m living in a thick fog, the sun’s call is hard to resist.

Now, why does this call for mountains usually starts in the middle of the night?

The challenge with mountain biking in December in the mountains is the very low sun and equally low temperatures, which means unexpected ice on the roads and tracks.

Hongrin dam

Talking about the low sun, I have a strange feeling that during early winter, the sun is much lower than it used to be in the northern hemisphere (can’t say about the southern’s).

From above, Mavic mini 2

Anyway, Hongrin dam was my plan for the day. I had chosen easy roads and equally cars free roads because not only this tiny country of Switzerland is overcrowded but idiots on the road grow by the thousands.

love this place

As part of my plan was to come back safe and sound, I had to avoid both icy tracks and motorized morons.

Sony a6100 with stock lens

I successfully dodged both and actually didn’t enjoy much sun, as there is none in the valleys.

A video (4K) from the little trip:

The whole gallery: