Guess who is enjoying lack of snow, high temperatures and an electric bike?

The latter is a blessing, as I can ride almost everywhere in no time at all. This Monday was no exception. I like Monday because it’s usually a quite day in the mountains, as people are supposed to be at work.

Only supposed to.

With the various lock down measures, it seems many frenchies decided to temporary settle in Switzerland. Much to my dismay.

Anyway, the plan for the day was to ride from Les Marécottes to the Salanfe dam then up to Jorat pass.

The climb under the Salanfe dam was quite steep and full of rocks, I never blessed the electric bike so much. Except when I have to push it.

The view of the Salanfe lake with the mountains reflection was gorgeous.

Upon arriving on the Jorat pass, I was met by a loud phone ring and the predictable idiot answering it and then spending 15min in self congratulations.

That slouch ruined what was supposed to be the peak of my tour.

I never expected to meet so many people up there on a monday mid november.

The downhill was quite uneventful, except my low speed melted the brakes pads.

On a side note, I managed to forget both to eat and drink during all the tour duration, over 3h and didn’t see any difference, “performance” speaking. At least, I don’t need to carry extra food.

Here is the whole gallery:

And the video.