Autumn again. Months fly by. Life fly by. It seems that one of these days I’ll move to the other side of the veil and wonder if any of that was real, or even happened.

Nowadays, I see people wearing masks and sometimes wonder what’s happening. Or even if anything is happening.

In the meanwhile, I look at beauty in each moment, which gratefuly each moment!

Somehow, I’m basking in an ocean of peace. All that covid stuff seems to happen at the periphery of my awareness. It’s here, but like the waves on the ocean, the ocean remains undisturbed and so is my inner peace, or something alike.

I don’t know if it will last, but for the moment, let’s enjoy the serenity.

Enough ranting, here are some of my lastest explorations.

Traditional visit to Ogoz Isle

Fog and autumn are dear friends in this country.

I wanted to visit this particular lake since a while. Because I don’t like crowds, noisy people, I usually visit these places at odd hours.

This one is no exception. I had planned to watch the sun sets. I think I can call it a fail.

Lot of fishermen

The drone was also part of the journey.

A place without neighbors, my living dream