The electric bike does not only wonder to my aching back, but also reduces dramatically the time I spend on the bike for a given tour. Given my tight time schedule, it’s a blessing.

For this tour, I decided to meet cows, a lot of and my favourite part: cows’ fences.

On a 4h tour, I spent at least 40min messing with these damn f**ing cows fences. And just when I think I’m done with one, the next is awaiting exactly 1.45m afar.


It took me 1h to ride up to La Berra. Never been so quickly up there.

Berra again

You probably can’t see it on the picture, but there is a large group of seniors hiking. Another kind of herd.

La Patta

I had rode this tour before and wanted to explore a new route. I went to this gorgerous place called Brecca. But to reach it on bike, it’s a slope at 20% during 2km. I blessed the motor, otherwise I would have trained my walking fitness.

Lac Noir from the top

At this point, I crashed hard while climbing with the bike. I slipped on a wet stone and hurt my elbow and knee badly. There was a couple of people hiking next to me; the man, who was just 1m away didn’t even turn the head. Neither did his wife. None inquired if I was ok. Afterwards I had quite some blood running on the leg and arm. As I had nothing to clean the mess, I let it be.

From the 30 or so people who passed me, only one asked if I was ok.

Can’t say that my faith in humanity is restored.

For the records, the injury was bad enough that it would have required stitches. Two days later, I was in an emergency service, being prescribed antibiotics, as the wound was infected on the knee. It took about ten days to heal and I was feeling quite miserable.


There is also something I must change on my vibe; whenever I take a day off, a catastrophe is happening either at work, either at home.

This time, it was at work and it somewhat ruined my day answering all these emails and calls.

But the scenery is marvelous and I’m looking forward riding there again once the damn cows aren’t there anymore.