Anyone being a bit serious about cycling knows how this sport is unfair. It’s though, any extra weight is being paid hard, it takes a lot of time to have a descent physical condition and the moment one lessen the training load, fitness levels drop dramatically.

When combining a job and a family, finding time to ride is difficult. Also, cycling being an outside sport, weather plays a significant part in the training schedule.

All that to say, that I did not have as much time to ride as I wished. Add a couple of physical (back, headaches) ailments, and that’s it.

My favourite bike activity is to ride my MTB in the mountains. But that is probably one of the thoughest kind of ride. Going uphill is difficult, I usually ride for 5-7 hours and have to drive for at least 4h hours to reach the mountains.

So, this is not the kind of activity I do on a monthly basis. More like 2-3 times a year. Of course, I completely lack the physical condition to ride for over 6 hours. Which usually turns my bike ride into a survival ride.

As adding more hours to the day wasn’t possible, I went the electric route. And just bought an electric MTB. I must say I am thrilled.

For shorter rides, I still use my muscular bike, but for longer one, when time is a tight constrain and physical condition not up to par, the eMTB makes wonder.

So here are some of my MTB rides.

Basset de Lona

Back in July, I paid a quick visit to the Lona lake. Somehow my back gave me some break (pain speaking) and I was able to ride quite fast.

View from the top, middle of day, harsh light
Lona Lake
If I had time, I would have explored those landscapes

About two months later, just when I was hoping to have more time as the children were back to school (no such luck, it’s worse), I managed a quick escape in the Alps, namely, tour de la Dent de Lyss.

Belle Chaux
Being cautious with cows fences
Near Montbovon
Nice bridge
Hongrin dam

Amazing how fast I was up there.

Col de Jaman

For once, the billion tourists cars didn’t bother me.

Lake Geneva