A couple of trips in the swiss mountains. Since this Covid stuff, travelling is either restricted or complicated, I chose to stay in my homeland. Not that I mind, nor that it changes anything from my usual habits.

But this year, there is *a lot* more people “hiking” in the mountains. I put the word hiking in brackets because it’s mainly tourist doing stupid tourists stuff and wandering around the mountains like they are in a supermarket.

Shall I add that the dogs are also part of the tourist wagon? (and that I dislike useless wandering barking dogs?)

Even in the mountain cabin huts – which btw are more like hotels -there is more and more conflicts between the new tourists and mountaineers.

We are living very strange times. Everything seems upside down. Responsabilities, common sens and respectful behaviors seem to be lost for most.

I Wonder where that leads.

Some spring forests during the lock down. Never met so many people wandering.

Trying to find a hiking route that does NOT include some kind of restauration at the top, to avoid the aforementioned tourists.

Instead, we found this kind of mountain lake that made me grin for no Reason.

That one was complicated. As I have a family which falls exactly in the tourist category (undersand; doesn’t walk further than 100m from the car) and I didn’t want to met the dreaded tourists..yes, I have a complicated life.

And I missed the Sunset because there is too much trafic.

Now back up the mountains.

As usual, with family hikes, I meet the worse possible Lightning conditions.

Which makes me Wonder what’s the point of owning a high end expensive camera, when I could achieve the same result with the phone.

Amazing how the glacier is retreating. Was what most amazing, though, is the very gently water flow from the glacier to the lake. Because when I was close the end of the glacier, I could hear water falling at very high speed. There must be some Underground lake.

Now to finish my rant – I love ranting – to get this shot I was followed by a couple of idiots who didn’t know where they were heading. Just Following around. This particular path leads straight to the glacier. Exactly the kind of place where you go Walking around in flip flop.

I lost a couple of them along this path. It was a good score for the day. And yes, one of my favourite activity is to roam randomly and get the trailing idiots lost.

Not good for my karma, but I’m still dreaming that one day, one of them is going to open a MAP and LOOK at it and maybe, possibly, think about the safest route.