In case you plan to visit Switzerland in autumn, be careful to visit the mountains only. Unless you like fog. Thick fog.

As I’m not living on top of a mountain, my autumns are mostly foggy, wet, gray and deppressing.

I’m not here yet, as it’s the beginning, but after one Week without sun, it’s already taking its toll on me.

But I took the Opportunity to visit the forests in the area. I love the small world of mushrooms and moss.

Must have been a cow somewhere.
I usually ride this path on two wheels
Playing with the 135mm
Melted the processor to assembly that one
Small world
Miss the fairies
More fog
Small world of mushrooms

On a side note, I sadly resold my drone. I was really happy about it, and truely enjoyed capturing new sceneries. Reselling it was heartbreaking and I had strong seller remorses.

But regulations are just becoming way too restrictive. Just to name a few, I have to register the drone, pass an exam, cannot fly above 120m and every autority has the power to forbide drone.

Thanks to the bunch of idiots who are flying carelessly, several tourists places already forbade drones, more are coming.