Let’s start by some bike adventures, starting in Moiry and Zinal. Because of family Schedule, my time devoted to ride a bike shrinked to an hour a day, at best. Thus, I didn’t get very far from the starting point.

Climb to Lona
Moiry lake
Heading to the hut Petit Montet

I explored the Evolene area once more. The weather forecast was Sunny bright. I let you enjoy the accuracy of the forecast.

Arbey lake
Fog and more fog. Talking about a rewarding scenery while on top.
Ferplec. Weather went better just when I was exhausted and turning back.

Going back to places closer to home; Jaun area. I had plan a great tour, I didn’t plan a cold. After two hours I felt so miserable that I rode straight back to the car.

Talking about missed opportunities. Now the cold decided to stay in the mountains.

Gros Mont, freezing my butt with 4°C.
Gros Mont, Morning light.
Climb to Forclaz pass
Still climbing. Need a lot of breaks to take pictures..
One more break. Who is the idiot who design this road with 18% slope??