Somehow, we skipped spring and hopefully we will have a summer that doesn’t look like rain, rain and some more rain.

We explored Kandersteg, a beautiful region in the Berner Alps.

From a photography side, traveling with a family means that I usually end a the worst spot, at the worst moment. Like million of tourists in harsh daylight.

But, I know that and came to accept that either I go by myself and focus on taking pictures or go by with the family planning and grab whatever photograph I can.

Near kandersteg

It saddens me to see how Switzerland is changing. For one thing, it’s way over crowded. People and cars everywhere and the train of cohabitation problems that ensue.

Also, this country is slowly but surely becoming a open air museum. There are more and more places which must be placed under “protection” to prevent the inevitable degradation from too many visitors. The blue lake is one of the many examples. A parking lot with 300 places. Fences with tickets to buy to pay for visiting the lake.

Want to drive on this nice mountain road? you pay. Want to leave your car in a parking? you pay.

Want to breath? you pay.

To say nothing about the tourist rates being applied in mountain buvets. 8.- for a soluble coffee. 17.- for a piece of cake. 15.- because you have dark hair.


I’m feeling like an alien in my home country.

Thus, I went back to my usual muddy area, between wandering dogs and noisy neighbors.

Rain & fog

The bright side of such a stormy weather it that light can be dramatic.

Evening light
Just after the storm

I definitely love the drone, even if I’m not looking forward to all the regulations which are going to be applied.