According to the official meterologists, it’s never been so cold at spring since 1991. And indeed, it’s cold and rainy and not a very entertaining weather.

Nevertheless, exploring forests and gorges during a downpour has several advantages, expect for the very wet camera. For one, there is no human, no wandering dogs. Second, the fog adds a wonderful touch of fairy.

Let’s start by the now well known Isle of Ogoz. During some weekends, this isle is litteraly assaulted and there is barely place anymore.

But if one chooses to visit it during a snowstorm on a Sunday afternoon, well, there much less visitors.

Isle of Ogoz

Needless to say, we’re in May.

Isle of Ogoz

The nearby forest transforms itself in wonderland, specially on a rainy Sunday Morning where no one has the courage to wander here.

Chemin du Castor

The path is being called the beaver path. Because, of course, there are a lot of beavers. I never saw one, but saw chewed tree trunks and marks on fresh snow.

Chemin du Castor

Oh, did I mention it was raining?

Wet leaf

I visited the Twannbachschlucht (Gorges de Douanne) for the second time in 6 years. During a donwpour, of course. We’re in Switzerland in May after all.


Fog was my companion that day.


And a lot of birds chirping.


And a beautiful black and yellow salamander, which stops just as I was about to step on it.


The camera was really wet by the time I reached the end of the gorges.


A video of the gorges.

Just a few notes for those who wish to visit the gorges as well.

There is an entrance fee to pay (no one checking, but please, it takes time and money to secure these paths). 2chf for adult and 1ch for children.

No fire is allowed. Forget about bbq.

It’s sometimes steep and often wet and can be slippy. Good shoes are mendatory.

As Always; leave no marks or signs behind you. No stupid A loves B carved on stone or tree, or the plastic content of the lunchmeal scattered all over the place.

Even if the place is quite loud, thanks to the water and birds, Walking along the gorges is almost a mystical experience. Not to mention the breathtaking view on the lake from Twann.