There is a lot of controversy about the global warming theory. My two cents is that global warming is real and can be observed around the world by many people. It takes several form, from drought to wild fires.

Thus unless one is blind, the temperature is rising, but most of the debate is about the reasons.

I think the global warming is part of a natural cycle. Human activity definitely has an impact, but it’s difficult to gauge if this impact is local, global or both. In any case, human pollution speeds up the warming process.

What worries me the most is that instead of facing facts and preparing for a much warmer weather, we try to find out how to stop and reverse it.

My guts feeling is that there is no stop or reversal possible. It will get warmer, period. And not taxes can stop it.

Not that we shouldn’t do anything to reduce pollution, but it will at best minimize local consequences.

Instead, I believe we should prepare to live with natural earth cycles.

For example, in this tiny country of Switzerland, there are many things that we could do. For a start, to reduce population. In less than 40 years, the population went from 4mio to 9mio, in 2000, we were 6mio, 12mio are forecast for 2030. Considering that most of the country is inhabitable (mountains), people are stacking upon each other.

That means also that there aren’t enough resources, water, food and electricity and we must import them from other countries.

The other things we can try is becoming ready for long periods of droughts. For example, in 2018, most water reservoirs were almost empty if not completely. In some places, it reaches alarming levels. There were restrictions and many cows had to be killed.

But no one seems to worry so far, saying that it was “a year like that”. But more will come and the exception will become the norm.

Now back to winter, it’s more like a shadow of itself. Snow is spare at middle altitudes and absent at low one.

Maybe I should start planting cactus in the garden.

Anyway, enjoy some winter pictures and my abyssal drone pilot skills.

Flying with a drone