With the world going nuts, the number of residents increasing by 20% each year in this tiny country of Switzerland, people becoming even more stressed and selfish, the only place I can currently find some peace is in the mountains.

Even there, I have to go far and visit at odd times to find vibes which are not polluted by human activity. To be such sensitive to vibes is a pain, really. It’s a bit like trying to listen to a beautiful and sweet music being playing in the background, but being covered by loud rap “music” most of the time.

The Lac Bleu (blue lake) is a beautiful lake near Arolla, Wallis. Because it’s easy to reach, it’s completely overpopulated during the summer seasons. Even if we visited it early, we met the typical idiots one could expect at tourist places; to name a few, the family who settles at exactly the same place where you are – even if the whole lake side is empty, to the point of kicking your stuffs out of their way. If you decide to move someplace else, they will just follow. Not kidding. The other family have apparently decided that the bank you choose for dinner is *their* bank and glare at you when they arrive 1 hour later and it’s occupied. The moment we left, they were sitting at the bank.

We were anyway able to enjoy the scenery and leave before the crowd.