It’s amazing to ride the same tour, year after year, but at different seasons and to enjoy the changes in the landscape.

From an athletic point of view, things are not so bright. Curiously, I feel more easy on the bike, but barely ride faster, if at all. The frustrating part being that I cannot ride stronger.

Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that I’m approaching an age where maintaining my fitness level is already good enough, and progress for another lifetime.

Or..wait. Chocolate anyone?

Back to the mountain bike tour, I chose a hardtail bike because my skills have significantly improved and I can now ride anywhere without needing an enduro bike.

Let’s start again. I’m getting older and now scared to engage in acrobatic downhill. As long as I can wander in the mountains and take pictures, I’m fine.

Back again to the track, I started as early as family schedule permit, meaning not that early. My dream being to be able to ride at sunrise, one day. Hopefully before I’m in a wheeling chair.

When I arrived at the Schwarzsee, the lake was beautiful and incredibly calm.

Somehow, the steep climb to Euschelpass, a climb that I dread, was uneventful. I added a new crank on the bike, what a difference!

Somehow, I failed again at the epic tale resume. Enjoy the pictures!