Lenk is at the end of the Simmenthal valley, in the Bern area, Switzerland. Let enjoy some mountain bike tours.

As I have to compose with family scheduling, the time frame and duration allocated for riding are often odd. Plus, on mountain bike, it’s often difficult to plan a tour duration as sometimes I have to crawl, err, walk carrying the bike.

Day one: pizza day

The day we arrived was my birthday and we had a nice pizza for dinner. One hour later I was on my bike, with over 37° Celcius, 20km ride and 1000m positive elevation in one climb.

To say that I was sick is an euphemism.

But on the evening, we enjoyed some great waterfalls, as the area is full of waterfalls, coming from glaciers.

The lake near Lenk.

Day two: hiking day

There was two different places that I wanted to visit, but couldn’t decide which one first. When I started riding, I decided for place A, but somewhere in the middle of the ride, I went to place B.

I wanted to visit a lake, the Iffigensee at 2100m high. But the last 3km and 500m positive elevation had to be done on foot. As I hadn’t planned to go there, I had only bike shoes with me.

Walking during two hours on steep mountain tracks in bike shoes is probably one of the most stupid idea I had. Not only did I destroyed my shoes, but also my knees, ankles and a few other unnamed joints.

The climb looks promising and at first I thought that I could ride up to the lake on bike.

Quickly enough, I realized that unless I transformed my bike into an helicopter, that wouldn’t do.

My stubborn self never gave up, only to discover a cloudy sky and color washout lake.

Day 3: waterfalls

After my hiking days in bike shoes, I decided to pay a visit to the Simmenfälle, which are easily and quickly accessible on bike, unlike on foot.

The famous Barbarabrügg and a free shower from the glaciers.

End of the day, not a bad view.

The apartment

A few pictures form the apartment.

Italian bathroom.

The kitchen. Avoid young children with dirty hands.