Since a couple of years, Evolène organizes a MTB race, the Raid Evolénard. There are several distances, 62, 35 and 24km. The longest distance is the Swiss marathon championship. The last winner rode the 62km and 2700 positive elevation in about 3h15. These guys are aliens to me.

Anyway, not being a world class athlete, plus carrying 6kg of extra weight, I wasn’t ready to ride the Raid Evolenard in such a short time. Not that the extra weight would have made much difference.

I started my ride by following the 35km track.

Actually, I planned a short timing as I had to be back home before 18p.m. and Evolène is a two hours drive from my place, so 4 hours in a day.

I more or less successfully followed my planning, until the gorgeous landscapes had the better of me and I started to spend more time contemplating than riding.

Countless times, I wished I could spend the whole summer there, in the mountains, without the distractions of daily life.

In the meanwhile, I still had to go home at some point and had already gone beyond the time frame I had set for the planned tour. Thus, I planned another tour and decided to pay a visit to the glacier du Mont Miné.

There is only one glacier at the start, separated by a mountain, the Mont Miné. One glacier is called glacier de Ferpècle and the other Glacier du Mont Miné.

Once again, I lost track of time, plus it was almost cold, something very welcome after the drought.

At some point, I found enough strength to ride back home. But my head is still in the mountains.