It been two years that I visited that place. The sky was cloudy and I wanted to visit the Cabane Brunet with a blue sky. At least, so was the forecast.


First lesson; never trust meteorological forecast. I had the most beautiful milk white cloudy sky. Anyway, after over 1h30 hour drive, I wasn’t going to turn back home. Since I’ve mastered the art of removing pain in the butt drivers out of my way, it’s not a problem to drive for hours. And no, I didn’t bought a Hummer with a launch rocket on the top.


Back to the mountains, by applying the same technique as with the drivers, the sun appeared! So I climbed for hours, enjoying immensely my new bike (one of the advantage to change one’s bike every 10 years, there is a significant improvement).


As far as my physical condition is concerned, I’m completely exhausted. Most of my muscles are begging for rest, but I still go on riding in the mountains, enjoying every bit of the late summer. All that to say that I climbed very slowly.


Once at the top, I seriously considered a nap, as there was a complete silence. But I was worry that by the time I would wake up, the whole family would have turned hysteric, trying to locate me. So went down.

And that was the most funny downhill I ever had! All these steep slopes that I didn’t think a bike could pass, I did. What a fun!