Visiting the same places over and over again might sound boring, yet, despite being the same places, there’s always something – albeit slightly – different. Let’s start by the Chutes de Chavanettes (the most “impressive” waterfall in my area).

chutes de chavanettes

Spring 2016, Chutes de Chavanettes, few water.


Chutes de Chavanettes 2016.

The Sigma 50mm prime lens is one of the sharpest one I’ve owned.


Chutes de Chavanettes

I had some fun with the Samyang 14mm prime for Canon, definitely a sharp and great lens (specially for the price), if one gets a good copy.


Chutes de Chavanettes


Chutes de Chavanettes, the other side.

Time to move to another place, the Gorges de Jognes.


Gorges de Jognes, Spring 2016.


Gorges de Jognes.

A bit further South; La Tine de Conflens. It’s been ten years since I last visited this place. Before I resettled, I was 20min drive from the Tine de Conflens. Nowdays, it’s 45min drive when I don’t take the wrong turn or attract the slowest drivers on Earth.

t2 - Copy

La TIne de Conflens, June 2006, low water.



La Tine de Conflens, May 2016.

This place has been visited and photographed a thousand (maybe more) times and yet, there is not quite the same picture twice, which I find amazing, considering the apparently few options to take pictures from. And this is what amazes me about human; we’re all offering something different, a different point of view, not better or worse, just different and mandatory to the whole. Imagine an hologram; it could only be complete with all its part, if you leave one point of view out, something missing. I wish we (human) could come to this conclusion and let go of competing against each other.